Who Is Daneel Foyer?

Born and raised in England, Daneel Foyer is an instructor and trainer in body language.

Daneel grew up, experiencing difficulties in social interactions, decoding body language and understanding facial expressions. He describes his childhood as like “always communicating by sms. People read the words in your message and you read theirs, but you often misunderstand each other’s tone, think they’re serious when they’re joking. We use smiley faces as a strategy to avoid the miscommunications. I kind of had to learn to do the same face to face.” Daneel was later diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder in the autism-spectrum who is known to affect these areas of life.

Having evolved ‘smiley face’ strategies throughout his childhood, Daneel became fascinated with how much communication takes place non-verbally. Daneel began reading books on body language. Soon he began travelling the world to courses in everything from body language in business to cutting edge behavioural science, such as the facial expression research of Dr Paul Ekman.

Today Daneel is one of Norway’s leading analysts of body language and non-verbal communication specialising in deception detection. As well as running trainings and workshops, Daneel is a popular key note speaker who demonstrates his people reading skills with lie detection games and mind reading through body language.

Far removed from his days of social awkwardness, Daneel’s people reading skills have earned him the nickname ‘The Human Lie Detector.”