Sales Training

sales squareMost salespeople and sales teams are always looking for ways to improve their effectiveness, to get more sales. It can be difficult choosing how to achieve that. There are courses which focus on areas such as presentation techniques, rhetoric, or closing methods.

In a world where over 70% of communication happens through body language (Mehrabian; Ferris, 1967), ignoring body language is costing you sales and wasting meetings that could have resulted in new business.

You probably know already that how you say it is far more important than what you say. Humans don’t make their decisions based on facts; they make them based on emotions.

This course will teach you how to influence people’s emotions.

This course teaches advanced methods for reading other people’s body language, but the most important part of this training is focused on using your own body language to affect people.

First you will learn concrete techniques which create feelings of trust and safety in people you are talking to. The techniques on this course go far beyond basic methods such as smiling or mirroring.

The next step is creating and magnifying specific emotions in the person you are speaking to. Interest, excitement, desire the feelings that cause them to say “yes.”

Most sales pitches rely on having the right information and price to capture the attention of the people in the meeting and to persuade superiors or colleagues who they discuss your message with.

This course teaches concrete methods to remove any critical feelings and to attach feelings of enthusiasm to your products as you speak. This converts the people you meet with from potential clients into enthusiastic salespeople who will work to convince their superiors for YOU.


Who is the course for?

This course is designed for salespeople and sales teams. Anyone who finds themselves is meetings which have a goal of generating business.

What will the course teach?

This course teaches concrete, proven techniques which use body language and psychology to influence the emotions of people you are speaking to and dramatically increase the likelihood that they will say yes.

How long is the course?

The course lasts for 2 days 10:00-15:00.

How much does the course cost?

Open courses cost 7,600kr including lunch. Peoplereaders club price: 5,800 kr

Private courses:

12,000kr per day + 1,200 per participant. Maximum 10 participants per course. These prices are based on the course being held at the client’s business.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to body language.
  • The science of making a great first impression
  • Reading body language in meetings.
  • Warning signs that most people miss.
  • Becoming aware of your own body language.
  • Basic rapport building techniques.
  • Avoiding common mistakes.
  • 5 things that charismatic people do which we all respond to.
  • How to create comfort and trust through movement, gestures and positioning.
  • How to remove negative reactions or deflect them towards competitors

Day 2:

  • Recap Day 1 and questions.
  • Advanced body language reading techniques.
  • Microexpressions, seeing concealed reactions.
  • Advanced rapport building techniques.
  • Creating positive feelings and attaching triggers to them.
  • Turning your brand into a trigger for positive feelings.
  • Closing techniques, creating excitement an urgency to sign.