<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Courses</span>

Course 1: Open Your Eyes.

During the first part of this 1 day workshop your group will be introduced to 2 areas;

Proven techniques for reliably reading and interpreting the body language signals of others.
How to control your own body language to send cooperative, confident, trustworthy, or any other signals you want to.

The vast majority of books and courses teaching body language stop here, but Open Your Eyes is designed to take your group far beyond “crossing your arms is bad.”

After lunch your group will learn to see and identify microexpressions which last for 25th of a second and always reveal genuine emotions, especially ones being hidden.



Course 2: Lie To Me.

Since 9/11 there has been a dramatic investment in lie detection techniques in both private and public sector research.The result has been the discovery that Microexpressions and emotional analysis are by far the most reliable methods for detecting deception.

This course will teach these real, science based techniques to see what others are feeling, and sometimes what they are thinking.
While this course uses lies as an example, you are really learning how to see and understand other people’s thoughts and feelings, making you a better communicator in every part of your life.
This course is highly recommended for negotiators and interviewers.



Course 3: Secrets of Charisma

Even before the first eye contact our bodies are sending signals telling others who we are and how we feel. When we meet and greet each other, while we are exchanging names, an unconscious exchange of gestures is happening under the surface.

People who we consider charismatic are those who have learned to send the right signals which we pick up without even realizing it.

By becoming aware of their body language and learning how to send the right signals, your group can create a great and lasting impression on everybody they meet.
This workshop will teach your team a practical and easy to use set of techniques which make others experience them as open, friendly, trustworthy and interesting.