Open Your Eyes

Course 1: Open Your Eyes.

During the first part of this 1 day workshop your group will be introduced to 2 areas;

  • Proven techniques for reliably reading and interpreting the body language signals of others.
  • How to control your own body language to send cooperative, confident, trustworthy, or any other signals you want to.

This will give your group a solid grasp of how they can use their body language to profoundly improve the way they communicate, both sending and reading.

The vast majority of books and courses teaching body language stop here, but Open Your Eyes is designed to take your group far beyond “crossing your arms is bad.”

After lunch Daneel will teach your group advanced body language skills. Your group will learn to see and identify microexpressions which last for 25th  of a second and always reveal genuine emotions, especially ones being hidden.

Just a few things your group will learn during the day:

  • How to create a great first impression every time.
  • What to do with your body language (kroppsspråk), when you give criticism, so they never get offended.
  • Disarm dominant personalities without offending them.
  • The ways to sit or stand in a meeting to create a cooperative feeling in others.
  • Read your client’s body language (kroppsspråk), to discover quickly which of your points are bringing them to your point of view and which are leaving them cold, or even damaging your case.
  • A way to quickly transform a sceptical or critical listener into a curious and open one.
  •  Powerful ways to communicate confidence and control before you’ve spoken a word.
  • Learn what your handshake says about you, and how to make it say what you want.
  • To take and keep control of a conversation with your gestures.
  • Discover and use the personal, individual gestures which are unique to each person and influence them 10 times more powerfully than any words you say.

Today you are missing most of what others are showing to you!

  1. The information and techniques in the first part of this workshop will give your group a solid understanding of body language.
  2. The Advanced reading techniques in the second part of the day will show you the emotional reactions of others, even when hidden.
  3. All of this will then be drawn together to show your group how to be effective, intuitive, and responsive communicators who get their point across and easily avoid the misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts which most people walk into blindly.