Commission having a Job interview.This 4 hour intensive workshop will teach you a series of simple but very effective techniques that you can use you create a great first impression in every interview.

Are you honest? Are you Professional? Are you friendly? This is what they want to know and you can’t tell them these things. They will judge for themselves based on how you act. Your body language.

  • How to say hello in a way that creates trust and makes a great first impression.
  • How to sit or stand to create a friendly and professional atmosphere.
  • Effective rapport building techniques.
  • Powerful tricks that subconsciously make them feel warm towards you.
  • How to handle the difficult questions with ease.
  • An amazing method that will make them associate you with exactly the qualities they’re looking for.
  • How to finish the interview so that they remember you in all the right ways.

This workshop includes demonstrations and practice exercises for you to learn to be sure that you learn all of the techniques well enough to actually use them in your next interview.

Course date: Sat 21st March 2015, 13:00-17:00

Address: Escuola D’italiana, Bygdøy Ale 68, Oslo

This is a practical workshop so only 10 places are available.

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Course price: 1,900kr.



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