Bullyproof Workshop, Oslo. 26 Feb 2015

BullyproofBullyproof is a 2 hour workshop with one goal. It teaches a series of simple but very effective body language cues that stop bullies from identifying a person as a target or victim.

Even if the bully(s) are already habitually targeting a person, using these techniques will change the way the bullies feel about the victim and bullies will lose all interest in abusing them. These methods do not involve conflict or any ‘battle of wills,’ the bullies just lose interest.

Bullyproof is designed to eliminate bullying in adults and children. The workshop is intended to be taught to adults. The system’s simple structure is built so that parents or educators who take the course can easily teach children the Bullyproof method. There is nothing in the course that is inappropriate for children, so parents are welcome to bring their child with them at no extra cost.

Location: Scuola d’italiano, Bygdøy allé 68, Oslo

Time: Thur 26. Feb 17:00-19:00

Price for 2 hour Bullyproof workshop: 1200kr

Peoplereaders club price: 950kr