Sat 28th February: Lie to Me (Trondheim)

While this course teaches my speciality, lie detection through body language, it is about a lot more than lies and truth.

While there are a lot of wives tales and common knowledge about how to spot a liar, research shows that most of it is wrong. This course will teach you the real, science based techniques to see what others are feeling, and to a degree what they are thinking!

That is the heart of this course, while we are using lies as an example, your group will really be learning how to see and understand other people’s thoughts and feelings, making you better communicators in every part of your lives!

My ‘Lie To Me’ course will teach you the genuine, reliable deception detection techniques which are being taught to police, interrogators, government, and investigative agencies around the world.

During the course your group will learn;

  • Identifying Concealed Emotions.
  • To see and understand subtle expressions.
  • To see and understand micro expressions.
  • Which body language (kroppsspråk), signals always tell the truth and cannot be hidden or faked.
  • Why liars usually keep eye contact.
  • How eye movements really give them game away.
  • The most common gestures which indicate deception.
  • See yes/no answers before they’re spoken aloud.
  • How to put it all together and where most people go wrong.

Course Fee: 1,900kr

Course times: 10:00-14:00

Location: Thon Hotell Prinsen, Kongens Gate 30, Trondheim