Subliminal Show

Hei,Did you hear about the time when messages like ‘eat popcorn’ were flashed on a movie screen too quick to see? Popcorn sales went through the roof.
Those invisible ads are called subliminals and on Thursday 6 March in Trondheim you can experience how they work yourself in my new, fun show, Subliminal.
I will be holding a one hour show where I will use subliminal techniques to control volunteer audience member’s choices and behavior.  Expect it to be thought provoking, playful and maybe a little scary 😉
If you want a lighthearted and fun evening that will give you a fascinating look at how we make our choices, I’ll see you there 🙂

Thursday 6. June 19:00

Trondheim (location to be confirmed)

I have a maximum of 35 seats for the show, so you should get yours asap. Tickets are 200kr, available soon