24th + 25th August: Secrets of the Face Diploma Part 1

Are you a manager? A therapist? A salesperson? An Interviewer? Could your professional or personal life benefit from being able to know, reliably, what other people are thinking?

Every thought we have is automatically displayed as an emotion on our face. Some are full face expressions of emotion, such as anger or happiness, which are obvious to see. Most are much smaller changes in the face, tiny movements in a small group of muscles that almost nobody sees, and even fewer can understand the true meaning of.

How can you tell a real smile from a fake one?

What is the difference between a nervous smile and a bored smile?

Can you tell fear from surprise?

This course will teach you to see and identify every movement that the human face can make. During the past 30 years, behavioral psychologists, led by word renowned expert on facial expressions and emotion, Dr Paul Ekman, have discovered that the meanings of facial expressions are universal, even the smallest facial muscle changes are triggered by specific emotions. When you can see all of these changes, and when you know which emotions trigger them, every face is an open book to you.

You can literally follow what the person in front of you is thinking from moment to moment, and the whole process becomes automatic.

Most people use their ‘gut’ to interpret the effect of their interactions. ‘He looks skeptical’, or ‘she looks interested.’ Are you ready to have a reliable tool that will let you know for sure and in detail how the person in front of you is responding?

This course takes place over 8 days spread over 4 months. During each class you will be introduced to new facial movements, which you will learn to recognize in others and to make yourself. Each movement is taught in a practical and engaging way so that the exact movements involved and the feelings that cause them are easy to follow. During the weeks between course days you will find that you begin to see these expressions in everybody around you, so that your skill at face reading builds naturally from week to week .

As the course progresses you will find yourself seeing flashes of feelings like happiness, fear, confusion, anger, amusement in the faces of those around you, adding depth to every interaction, making you understand how people are thinking as they speak.

By the end of the course you will have developed a skill set which allows you to see and understand other people’s thought processes better than they do themselves!

Managers, salespeople, therapists, there are few professions in which an ability to reliably know what the person in front of you is thinking is not an enormous advantage.

This course is the only in depth facial expression training available in Norway. To make sure that every participant gets all of the attention they need to master all of the techniques in this course, each course is limited to strictly 10 people.

Course fee: 18,000kr

Next Course (Oslo): 24+25 Aug,   21+22 Sept,   19+20 Oct,   16+17 Nov