My name is Daneel Foyer and these pages will give you information about my body language shows and courses. Since I have specialized in body language for over 15 years I can offer unique shows built around live demonstrations of lie detecting and “mind reading” techniques using members of the audience. During a day of topical lectures and presentations, I offer a lighter talk. My most common request is a 45-90 minute body language talk filled with fun and slightly scary demonstrations of how much I can read combined with some jokes and several practical techniques that you can actually use. I’m often asked to return for half or full day courses teaching advanced body language techniques to leaders, sales teams or professionals. Below are some short clips with demonstrations of some of my techniques.

Keynote Speaker Demo

This short showreel shows you what to expect of my 45-90 minute lectures/demonstrations.

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Lie Detecting Experiment

I tested my lie detecting skills by recreating a classic experiment in Oslo.

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Intensive Courses

I offer several intensive courses teaching advanced body language techniques for reading and influencing others.

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